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A monthly spiritual mini-zine and community for the magical soul

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First Free Gift: A printable Oracle Deck

Pour yourself a cup and take a well needed break from the muggle world. 

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Hi witchy soul!

Existing in the muggle world is hard on our sensitive bodies and we need routines and community to not loose our shit. 

The Coven is a monthly spiritual mini-zine - a mini magazine - directly into your inbox. It contains witchy stories, energy readings of world events, rituals, teachings and mini lessons, and even a little interview with an inspiring Coven member. 

My wish is that the Coven will be an oasis in the dry desert. Where you can refill your water pouch, pack some food, and get ready for another round of muggleing. 

There was never anything wrong with you. You're just a magical being  made to shift this world into a higher consciousness. 


We are in this together.

We are your Coven. 

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