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An ancient job for the new world

Through all of human history there has always been individuals in the community who had the job of supporting people's spiritual and mental health. 

Shamans, cunning folks, priestesses, oracles,
wise women, and witches.

They have always been an important and revered part of the society. 

When modernization ravaged the western world this job got buried. We didn't loose the need for support, we just lost the practitioners. 

And human kind has never been this lost in burn out, depression, stress, and soul deep fatigue.


This new world need its ancient healers back in the community.



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You will learn...

  • Soul Coaching

  • Past Life Hypnosis

  • Psychic Readings with tools (Cards/Pendelum/Runes)

  • Spiritual Meditations

  • Lead Moon & Meditation Circles

  • Human Body Tools (Vagal Nerv Toning, Nervous System Regulation, Trauma Information)

A 6 months online course
This is
exactly what's included...

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Let's break it down...

  • 39 video and audio lessons

  • 6 live(+replay) workshops with Sanne The Witch

  • Printable Workbook

  • Private FB-group where you can ask questions & share your experience

  • Certificate

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Imagine this...

You wake up in the morning without an alarm. It's Monday and your work week begins. You feel a bit emotional so you sit down in meditation, connecting with spirit, and preparing for the day. There is no rush, no tight jeans, no fake smile. 

Your heart is open, your nervous system calm. And you are excited to meet the first client of the day. 

The first session is an online session with a stressed out student, she needs support in making decisions. You decide that a soul coaching session and tarot reading is what the client needs today. She cries, laughs, and relax. When she leaves the session she is clear on what she needs to do.

It full moon today so in the afternoon you host a moon circle in your neighborhood, you are a bit nervous but excited. You start by introducing the theme of the day, teaching the group a few simple tools, and continue by guiding your circle through deep meditation and healing movement. 

After the circle is closed a middle aged woman comes up to you and thanks you with tears in her eyes. "Thank you so much. This was exactly what I needed today."

Practical Details

Next Starting Date: Autumn 2023

Length of Certification: 6 months. Lessons are not live and made to watch in your own time, so you will have access to them forever if you need more time to complete the course or want to repeat lessons.

Live Sessions: Monthly Zoom Workshops 


Life Coach Training: Value: $1200
Psychic Reader Training Value: $1500
Past Life Hypnosis Training: Value: $1200
Trauma Training: Value: $600
Ceremony/Group Facilitator Training: Value:$1000




$275 x 9 month payment plan available

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never seen auras or talked to ghosts or seen the future. I don't feel psychic. Can I take the course anyway?

Being a psychic is a skill like all skills. You need to practice! What's actually good signs that you will be able to learn psychic skills is your level of sensitivity. Do you easily pick up a vibe in a room? Are you highly emotional? Do you get easily exhausted by being in crowds? Do you feel more than most people? All of these are signs that you have the sensitivity needed to learn psychic skills. Also. The TV-show type of "clairovoyance" where mediums sees spirit is actually not very common. Most psychic communicate in other ways - all which we will explore in the course!

Will we be able to practice our new tools?

Yes! You will have the possibility to practice during the monthly workshops and you will also be able to practice together with other students in between sessions! I will help set up practice sessions with other students.

I have a regular muggle job. Will I be able to do this and have a full time job?

Yep. I'm creating the course to fit a busy lifestyle. You will be able to watch shorter lessons on your commute or at your lunch break! You might need more than 6 months to complete all lessons but that is no problem as you have life time access to the lessons.


Hi love, I'm Sanne The Witch.


And I'm so happy you found Spiritual Guide Certification

I know what it's like to feel stuck at your 9-5 muggle job, dreaming of a freer life and wishing you could do something purposeful. I've been there. 

I wasn't born into a family of witches and entrepreneurs. Very few people are. We need to find our teachers and mentors somewhere else. 

I am one of those teachers. My purpose is to help old souls remember their spiritual gifts. That is my soul contract and full time job since 2011.. I've been doing this over a decade and I know without any doubt that if you are reading this, you are here for a reason.

So. You are an emotional soul who probably had been told that you are "too senstive". Guess what... that sensitivity is a requirement to be a powerful healer and guide. It's our greatest gift.


During the Spiritual Guide Certification you will learn to hone your emotional skills into a job and profession. You will wake up to your powers and get all the tools needed to launch your new career as a Spiritual Guide! 


Introducing your teacher..

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Love, Sanne

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