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10 week online course to become a certified Somatic Energy Healer

Do you want to awaken your spiritual gifts as an energy healer?


This is not basic training, this is a divinely channeled initiation into the mystery of energy healing.

It will help you 
remember of all your past life powers as a healer.

It is like going from a dial up modem to a high speed wifi.

Your connection will awaken.

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Next Course Start: April 18, 2023

"The initiation to become a Somatic Energy Healer was magical.
I've discovered past lives, my own healing abilities and have had so much fun along the way. I loved the Star & Earth Healing and the Angelic healing, both forms of healing I didn't even know existed before!"

- Julia @juliathephoenix, former student


In this training you will learn three types of Energy Healing and one Somatic Healing Method

1. Reiki Healing

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is one of the most common healing type that you've probably already heard about. It gentle, clean, and powerful. It works well on both physical and emotional pain.

In Somatic Energy Healer Certification you will be initiated as a Reiki Healer Level One which will teach you how to confidently do 1-on-1 in person healing sessions.

2. Angelic Healing

Angelic Healing is a sweet, gentle and strong healing method that connects you to angelic beings of light. This type of healings works well on children, animals and fragile people. It's soothing, grounding, and kind. 

In Somatic Energy Healer Certification you will be initiated as a Angelic Healer Level One. This will teach you how to connect to and channel angelic energy and do 1-on-1 sessions and distance healing.

Reiki Therapy

3. Star & Earth Healing

Image by Halanna Halila

The nordic shamanic Star & Earth healing method is deeply connected to mother Earth and is a more forceful, activating form of healing. It works well on mental and energetic blocks and have a tendancy to "jolt" people awake to their true power. 

In Somatic Energy Healer Certification you will be initiated as a Star & Earth Healer Level One. This initiation will connect you deeper with Mother Earth and the nordic power source. You will be able to give 1-on-1 sessions and group session with this energy method.

4. Somatic Movement Healing Method

Somatic Movement Healing Method is a type of guided meditation you can do for self-healing or to lead groups with. It's a powerful technique to release blocks and trauma, and to activate deep power inside yourself. 

In Somatic Energy Healer Certification you will learn this technique to be able to heal yourself. Plus you will be certified to lead groups through Somatic Movement Workshops that will help them heal deeply.

Image by Fuu J
Image by Fakurian Design

Comments from inside the training


Let's break it down.
This is
exactly what you're getting...

29 video lessons (over 10 hours of material!)
6 audio energy clearings & hypnosis meditations
2 live Q&A calls with Sanne The Witch
Personalized Initiation Recording

Printable Workbook
Private FB-group where you can ask questions & share your experience

After you completed the training you will get access to a printable certificate

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Reiki Healing Level 1 Initiation Value: $490
Angelic Healing Level 1 Initiation Value: $690
Earth and Star Healing Level 1 Initiation Value: $790
Somatic Group Facilitator Training Value: $790
Bonuses: Value:$390




Early Bird:
Join before April 6

Course Start: April 18

Live Q&A Sessions: 
May 3: 18.00-19.30 CET(Sweden) / 12pm -1.30pm EDT 
June 7:
 8.00-19.30 CET / 12pm -1.30pm EDT 

Payment Plans:
3 or 6 month payment plan available

Email or message on instagram @sannethewitch with the word "PAYMENT PLAN" to set up payment plan


Modules & Schedule

Every month two module will drop. You will have access to the videos forever and be able to watch the videos and listen to the material at your own pace. 

Module One - Earth

Access: April 18

In the first module you will get familiar with the element of Earth through the first session and lesson of the Somatic Movement Meditation Method. You will also get your first introductory video classes in Energy Healing.

Module Two - Water

Access: April 18

We will work with the element of Water and let her wash over you to remove old versions of yourself to be able to step into your new role as healer. You will learn the basics in Reiki, Angelic and Star & Earth Healing

Module Three - Fire

Access: May 16

The element of Fire will help you access your full power and you will learn movement tools how to guide groups and circles deeper into healing. You will deepen you knowledge of all 3 energy healing types and learn hand positions, tools, and how to channel the energy.

Module Four - Air

Access: May 16

With the element of Air we access the dream state and your future. You will anchor your new healing wisdom into your body and reality. You will deepen your access and healing powers in all 3 energy types, learning to flow between them, and/or picking your favorite.

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