Somatic Energy Healer

8 week online Teacher Training to become a Somatic Energy Healer


You know in your soul that you are meant to be a healer during this lifetime.


You even have a gut feeling that you’ve been some kind of healer/shaman/medicine woman/witch in past lives.


And it's itching in your skin to re-activate the gifts you feel burning underneath the surface. It is time to remember, my dear.


What would it feel like to step into your path and purpose even more as a professional healer? To heal and guide individuals and groups?

Somatic Energy Healer is an online training and magickal initiation into the skills of energy healing. 


The training will teach you the foundations of 1-on-1 hands-on healing and how to guide a group through a somatic healing experience. 

Somatic Energy Healer is both practical and highly magickal. The training is firmly grounded in humanness, addressing common questions and fears. You will get access to step-by-step guides and instructions to feel comfortable working with clients and groups.


The training is also a highly magickal initiation and activation of your own spiritual healing powers. The teaching platform itself is charged with transformational energy - so by just getting the course, things will start to shift and activate inside of you. 

Welcome sensitively gifted soul!

Get ready for a wild ride into the realm of energy magick! I know you are ready. I love you.

Your fairy godmother, Sanne


Next Class: Late Autumn/Early Winter 2021

In Somatic Energy Healer Training You Will Learn To:

Do Hands-On Healing on Individuals


Lead Groups Through Meditations and Healing Experiences Live and Online


Get More In Touch with Your Spiritual Gifts as a Healer


Module One

Medicine: Be Here Now


Learn how to guide clients through a grounding practice where they tap into the very core of who they are exactly right now. Honesty and Clarity.


You will learn and become initiated in Mother Earth Healing Technique.

The Content and Modules:


Module Two

Medicine: Feel It All

As water flow, you will learn how to help your clients tap into their raw emotions. How to shake free numbness and get into contact with frozen feelings that wants to heal. 


You will learn and become initiated in Unfreezing Release Healing Techniques.


Module Three

Medicine: I Am Powerful


Unleash the fire in your clients belly. Teach them to take up space, to stop playing small. Let out the animal, the wild fire, the war goddess. Help them get in touch with the holy anger and dedicated passion.


You will learn and become initiated in Fire Activating Healing Technique.


Module Four

Medicine: Dare To Dream


Connect your clients to their future self, to the dimension of dreams and lightness. Let them download cosmic divine guidance. 

You will learn and become initiated in Cosmic Starseed Healing Technique.

Schedule and Price:


The training starts at the beginning of June and every two weeks a new module and theme will drop.  You will be able to watch the videos and listen to the material at your own pace as it is all pre-recorded. We will have our own private FB group where you will be able to share your experience and ask questions during our 8 weeks together. 



6/6 Course Start! Module 1: EARTH 


21/6 Module 2: WATER


5/7 Module 3: FIRE

19/7 Module 4: AIR

2/8 Final Initiation & Activation


Reiki Healing Level 1 Initiation/Certification Value: €450

Earth and Star Healing Level 1 Initiation/Certification Value: €550

Somatic Group Facilitator Training Value: €750



Next Class: Late Autumn/Early Winter 2021

Frequently asked questions

Do I recieve some kind of certification from this course?

You will recieve a Somatic Healer Diploma after completed course. This include a
- Reiki Healing Level 1 Certification
- Earth & Star Healing Level 1 Certification and
- Somatic Healing Group Facilitator Cerification

How much can I charge clients for healings sessions after this training?

It depends on where you live in the world, but generally speaking a beginner healer charge somewhere around €35-€65 the first 10-20 clients. When you are more comfortable with your healing practice you can up your price. A regual Reiki healer usually charge €75-€150 for a one hour session. An advanced healer can charge up to $1000 per session. I recommend that you google Reiki Healers in your city/country to see what kidn fo prices they charge. You will have a more unique training as a Somatic Energy Healer so you will be able to charge more.

Pricing for the group healing experience really depends on what kind of structure you are going to offer it in. You can lead small 2 hours circles or weeklong retreats with what you learn in the training. I recommend you check out different yoga events and retreats in your city and country to get a feeling of the price point.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, you will be able to pay in 2 installments, €285 + €285, one payment will take place before 6/6 and the other 5 weeks later. Please send me a email on and I will set it up for you.

Will you offer Level 2 and 3 trainings too? Can I do Reiki 2 with someone else?

I will offer Level 2 and 3 Energy Healing trainings in the future.

But you can also do Reiki Healing Level 2 and 3 with other teachers!

What does Somatic stand for and how does that differ from regular Energy Healing?

Somatic means that we include the clients physical body in the healing session. We let the body talk and move to release stuck energy and emotions. When we include the body we reach new depths in the healing and get more powerful results.