8 week online Teacher Training to become a certified Somatic Energy Healer

Do you want to awaken you gifts as a powerful healer?


This is not basic training, this is a divinely channeled initiation into the mystery of energy healing.

It will jolt you into
rememberance of all your past life powers as a healer. You. Will. Wake Up.

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Next Class Starts October 31th
(we will ride on the energy wave of the veil between the world thinning around All Hallows Eve/Samhain/Halloween)

In this training you will learn three types of Energy Healing and one Movement Meditation Method


Reiki Healing

Level 1


Angel Healing 

Level 1

Nordic Shamanic Star&Earth Healing

Level 1


Somatic Movement Meditation Facilitator

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Modules & Schedule

The training starts at the 31th of October and every two weeks a new module and theme will drop. You will have access to the videos forever and be able to watch the videos and listen to the material at your own pace. 

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Module 1 - Earth

In the first module you will get familiar with the element of Earth through the first session and lesson of the Somatic Movement Meditation Method. You will also get your first. introductory video classes in Energy Healing.

Drops: 31 Oct

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Module 3 - Fire

The element of Fire will help you access your full power and you will learn movement tools how to guide groups and circles deeper into healing. You will deepen you knowledge of all 3 energy healing types and learn hand positions, tools, and how to channel the energy.

Drops: 28 Nov

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Module 2 - Water

We will work with the element of Water and let her wash over you to remove old versions of yourself to be able to step into your new role as healer. You will learn the basics in Reiki, Angelic and Star & Earth Healing

Drops: 14 Nov

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Module 4 - Air

With the element of Air we access the dream state and your future. You will anchor your new healing wisdom into your body and reality. You will deepen your access and healing powers in all 3 energy types, learning to flow between them, and/or picking your favorite.

Drops: 12 Dec

Let's break it down.
This is
exactly what you're getting...

29 video lessons (over 10 hours of material!)
6 audio energy clearings & hypnosis meditations
Personalized Initiation Recording
Printable Workbook
Discussion Board to ask questions & share your experience

After you completed the training you will get Exclusive Access to a closed group with only certified Somatic Energy Healers 

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Reiki Healing Level 1 Initiation Value: €450
Angelic Healing Level 1 Initiation Value: €550
Earth and Star Healing Level 1 Initiation Value: €750
Somatic Group Facilitator Training Value: €750


Price Today:



Next Class Start: 31th October

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You will get a reminder when doors are open plus get a magical discount.

Frequently asked questions

Do I recieve some kind of certification from this course?

You will recieve a Somatic Healer Cerification after completed course. This include a
- Reiki Healing Level 1 Certification
- Earth & Star Healing Level 1 Certification and
- Somatic Healing Group Facilitator Cerification

How much can I charge clients for healings sessions after this training?

It depends on where you live in the world, but generally speaking a beginner healer charge somewhere around €35-€65 the first 10-20 clients. When you are more comfortable with your healing practice you can up your price. A regual Reiki healer usually charge €75-€150 for a one hour session. An advanced healer can charge up to $1000 per session. I recommend that you google Reiki Healers in your city/country to see what kidn fo prices they charge. You will have a more unique training as a Somatic Energy Healer so you will be able to charge more.

Pricing for the group healing experience really depends on what kind of structure you are going to offer it in. You can lead small 2 hours circles or weeklong retreats with what you learn in the training. I recommend you check out different yoga events and retreats in your city and country to get a feeling of the price point.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, you will be able to pay in 2 installments, €285 + €285, one payment will take place before course start and the other 4 weeks later. Please send me a email on sanne@sannethewitch.com and I will set it up for you.

Will you offer Level 2 and 3 trainings too? Can I do Reiki 2 with someone else?

I will offer Level 2 and 3 Energy Healing trainings in the future.

But you can also do Reiki Healing Level 2 and 3 with other teachers!

What does Somatic stand for and how does that differ from regular Energy Healing?

Somatic means that we include the clients physical body in the healing session. We let the body talk and move to release stuck energy and emotions. When we include the body we reach new depths in the healing and get more powerful results.