Rich Witch Challenge

Energetic video clearings to unblock your money sh*t

Are you ready to earn more money with ease?

To feel less shame, anxiety, and fear around money?

Do you want to create a happy, light-filled relationship with money?


Learn how past lives, your family, and experiences from your childhood, create and block your money reality today.


And clear that sh*t! 

During this two-week challenge, you will be able to dive deep into your money patterns and heal forgotten wounds. 

Let's do this!


Want to become a Rich Witch?

In the Rich Witch Challenge you will get access to 7 videos with powerful energetic clearings and new ways to think and feel about money. 

Unf*ck your money issues and earn more with ease!

Hi love, I'm Sanne The Witch. And I'm so happy you found this money challenge!


I believe more money in the hands of heart-centered people like you will make the world a better place. 


Let me tell you my money story... I started my spiritual business 10 years ago and I managed to make a living out of coaching, speaking and writing. But the money didn't come easily.


I was stuck in "feast and famine"-cycle where I would earn big money doing speaking gigs one month, and then nothing next month.


I launched different group coaching programs, online courses and retreats and I earned some money every launch - but it was a struggle and I had to push myself and my launches to get clients. As soon as I relaxed, nothing came in.


And it made me tired and honestly annoyed. I knew I had good shit to share. My clients got great results. But the money just didn't flow! 


It made me start to look for a solution, a change, and I stumbled across the concept of Money Mentality. That you can change how you earn money by healing and releasing wounds and old mental information around money. It really resonated with me! 


So I tried a bunch of different money mentality work - read the books and took the classes - and it helped... a little bit. I started to earn more money, but not as much as I wanted. I still felt like I had a lot of blocks around money and that there was something else that needed to be done. I worked on my money MENTALITY but it felt like things were stuck in my energetic field. 

I needed to reprogram my energetic vibe around money, not only my brain.


I asked the Universe for guidance. And the Universe got my back.

In a random chat message from a friend, I got the link to a lady doing energetic clearings. As soon as I listened to a short free clearing she did, I knew this was my next step. I paid $100 to join her class and when I listened to that first full audio clearing my whole body started to vibrate. And instantly I knew two things:


1. My money blocks were healing

2. I knew how to do this type of clearings, I've done it in many past lives. I remembered it all!

I did the clearings every day for a month - and had my biggest launch ever.


I earned $35'000 in one week.


With ease and grace. No pushing. No struggling. The energetic clearings were the piece of the puzzle I needed. 

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With the Rich Witch Challenge, I give you the opportunity to see if it's the same for you.


Are you ready to heal your energetic wounds around money?


Watch the first video for free to see if this kind of energetic clearings are what your soul and body need right now.


You will know after listening to that first video if this is for you. Trust your intuition!

Love, Sanne

Get access to the first Rich Witch Video and Energetic Clearing for Free!

Rich Witch Experiences:

Get access to the first Rich Witch Video and Energetic Clearing for Free!