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Learn how your Past Lives, Generational Patterns, and Experiences from your Childhood, helps and block your Money Reality today.
And clear it all!

During this two-week healing experience, you will be able to dive deep into your money patterns and heal forgotten wounds with high vibrational energy clearings. 

Let's awaken your inner Rich Witch

This is all worth $197+, but you can get it... 

FOR ONLY $197 $47

Imagine this...

You go to bed at night and you start thinking about money. Your head starts spinning and then it suddenly stops... and you feel peace seeping in. 

Instead of the regular feeling of overwhelm, fear, and doubt.. you connect to the Spirit of Money and you feel calm and supported. 

What?! Is that even possible?!

Yes, it is.

In Rich Witch you will learn the tools to flip the script, reprogram patterns, and heal money wounds.

Let's awaken your inner Rich Witch

Student Experiences


Hi love, I'm Sanne The Witch.


And I'm so happy you found this money healing experience!


Isn't interesting that some people seems to attract money without even trying and some people struggle every month?


I don't talk about social injustice here (which is very real) , but people that come from the same kind of background still have vastly different ways of relating to money.

This is because all of us have an inner thermostat that is set on what level of wealth, success or even love, that feels comfortable for us. The thermostat is programmed during childhood and the temperature it's set on is what feels familiar. Familiar means safe - even if it on freezing and makes our life harder. That is how our brains work.


The good thing is that you can reprogram that thermostat!

I realized that my thermostat was set on low. I accepted money through hard work, if I struggled I allowed money coming in. But earning money with ease? Earning money doing something I loved? Nope, that was unfamiliar and apparently felt dangerous to my brain and body.

So started out on a journey to reprogram myself. And it worked.


In Rich Witch I will teach you the mental tools and energetic healing that will shift your money story from freezing into a warm summer evening. 

You deserve to feel safe.

Let's awaken your inner Rich Witch!

Introducing Your Teacher

Watercolor Arrow

Love, Sanne

Let's break it down.

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This is exactly what's included...

Lesson One: Welcome & Surprise Clearing
Lesson Two: Meet the Sprit of Money
Lesson Three: Family Clearing
Lesson Four: Mid Point Session
Lesson Five: Work/Life Purpose Clearing
Lesson Six: Anchoring Healing
Lesson Seven: Final Energy Healing & Clearing
Printable Rich Witch Journal

BONUS: 15 Money Healing Phone Wallpapers


This is all worth $197+, but you can get it... 

FOR ONLY $197 $47

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