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Black Fabric

For Coaches Only

On the outside you are a coach. But underneath your skin you feel the slithering of timeless psychic wisdom wanting to break free.

Coaching was the red pill.

Now it's time to go deeper down the rabbit hole. 

So you are a pretty darn good coach, right?

You know how to support your clients in deep conversations, your get the breakthroughs, and feel comfortable in your sessions. 

But you're getting kinda.. bored? Or like you just know there are more wisdom in you, just longing to come out and play...

You get flashes of your own psychic powers, and you know it's time to go deeper.

You were never just a Coach. 

Your inner Witch is awake.

It's time to claim your space as the Psychic Priestess you are born to be.

Black Fabric




An online course + spiritual activation

This is exactly what's included...

Mockups Courses (6).png

Let's break it down...

  • video lessons

  • psychic skill test

  • audio hypnosis + clearing sessions

  • Private FB-group where you can ask questions & share your experience

  • Certificate


Imagine this...

You start working with a new client and even before the session starts your psychic senses starts tingling, but before jumping in you grab a snack and stay in your humanness a little bit longer. 

As soon as the client walks in you consciously open your psychic gates and start receiving information. 

The first thing that happens is that a kind spirit guide shows up, wanting to support you with this work. You've worked with this one before and you gladly accept the help.

You start the session by asking your client an open ended coaching question and while they answer your inner flood gates opens wide. 

You receive psychic information in your unique way and you know exactly how to decipher it

The vibrations of love and unity fills your body as you drop into a light trance state, you are still there with your client, but at the same time you have one foot behind the veil. 

The Priestess is in!


Frequently Asked Questions

I have never seen auras or talked to ghosts or seen the future. I don't feel psychic. Can I take the course anyway?

Being a psychic is a skill like all skills. You need to practice! What's actually good signs that you will be able to learn psychic skills is your level of sensitivity. Do you easily pick up a vibe in a room? Are you highly emotional? Do you get easily exhausted by being in crowds? Do you feel more than most people? All of these are signs that you have the sensitivity needed to learn psychic skills. Also. The TV-show type of "clairovoyance" where mediums sees spirit is actually not very common. Most psychic communicate in other ways - all which we will explore in the course!

How does it work with an online course?

As soon as you've paid you will get an email with a PDF that contains login link and password. The lessons are already waiting for you so it's just to jump in straight away!


Hi love, I'm Sanne The Witch.


And I'm so happy you found Psychic Priestess Activation!

Coaching was the starting point for me, the red pill that opened me up to a brand new world. I still hold coaching in the highest regards and it's one of my most precious tools. I've been training coaches for 7 years and it's still a major tool I teach in my certifications. 

Because you know what, coaches becomes the BEST psychics! Because if you know how to be clean and clear in your energy, keeping yourself on the sideline while listening deeply - well that is KEY to be able to channel pure messages and not insert yourself into the channeling. 

(I honestly believe all psychics and healers would need a coaching training to be able to separate their own energy from their clients.)


So, my dear coach.


You have what it takes. For sure.

The priestess is in!


Introducing your teacher..

Love, Sanne

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