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Stop White Sage Smudging

The smudge stick of white sage (Salvia Apiana) has taken its place in a lot of spiritual people’s go-to bag. It is used in ceremonies and to clear stagnant and negative energies from space and people.

But did you know that this type of sage and the word smudging might not be yours to use? Smoke cleansing with herbs is used all over the world, but lately the Native-American/First Nation smudging practice with white sage has been blown up and cultural appropriated in modern spiritual communities and media.

If you don’t have a native-american heritage or been trained by elders in this lineage I would recommend you to start moving away from the white sage and the word smudging and start exploring the herbs in your own culture.

Hey, don’t stop burning herbs for spiritual reasons, it’s powerful and healing.

Instead of just adopting a tool from another culture I would encourage you to go back to your own heritage and the land you live on to work with the plant allies that are there with you, in your own backyard. And just use the words smoke cleansing, or herb burning, or smouldering instead.

Research some folk lore from your own culture, what herbs been used for smoke cleansing and what they are good for.

Examples of great herbs to work with is:

Mugworth (what I’m using in the picture):



Lavender: Calming and Grounding




Garden Sage (Salvia Officinalis)

You can make your own herb bundles (youtube that shit) or order online or check the spice rack at your grocery store!

And please head into your local spiritual shop and ask for other herb bundles than white sage - inspire them to work with local plants and be more culturally conscious in their sales.

Happy herb burning witches!

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