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Good Vibes Only is Bullsh*t

The world of “Good Vibes Only” and spiritual bypassing is utter and complete bullshit.

The hunt of living only in the light, only in happiness, only in flow - is plastic and shallow and straight out unhealthy. Trying to live only in our “high vibrational spirit” and forgetting the wisdom in our body, the truth of being a human - is poison for the soul.

Humankind is so much more than good vibes. Living in this beautiful meat suit in this life is about experiencing it all.

Light and Shadow. Happiness and Pain. Hard work pushing your edges and light easy flow in the most delicious way.

All have their place.

All are human. All is spirit and body.

Give me blood and tears and laughter and joy. Dedication and lightness. Fight and sex and anger and love and orgasms and hate. Feeling utterly lonely and divinely connected. Sadness and comfort. Bliss and fear.

It. Is. All. There.

All are welcome here.

Hunting for the joy, only accepting good vibes, trying to live only in the light will make you sick. Literally and spiritually. It will remove you from your humanness. It will remove you from the deep truth of Mother Earth. It will remove you from your body. It will remove you from YOU.

All the vibes are welcome here.

Bring me your deepest regrets, pain, and suffering. Bring me your brightest light, infectious belly laughter, and hopes and dreams.

Bring me the anger. Passion. The hell no and fuck yes. The part of you that wants to give up and the fire in your heart that never goes out.

Bring. It. All.

All vibes are welcome here.

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