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Dare to be a Disappointment

Dare to be a disappointment.

Disappoint your parents by not choosing the job/the path they think is the best for you. Dare to let friends down by not showing up at a party you don’t really want to go to. Disappoint your boss and co-workers by leaving your soul-sucking job.

Dare to disappoint people. There is power in letting people down.

Dare to disappoint society by not hating your body. Let your grandparents down by loving the person who doesn’t live up to their standards. Dare to disappoint your lover by saying no to sex when you don’t feel turned on. Let your best friend down by moving to another city that calls for you.

Dare to disappoint your partner by changing to another version of yourself, by becoming more of who you really are. Let yourself let your family down by putting up boundaries and saying no to reunions that stress you out.

Dare to disappoint and let people down for the sake of your own sanity, your own truth, and well-being.

It won’t kill you. It will actually set you free.

Live your life for you.

Who do you need to disappoint more often?

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