City Witch Tips

A few witchy tips to commune with nature and connect with the spirit of Gaia, of Earth, as your friend and ally, when you live in the city.

1. Grow plants. Propagate and re-plant and put your hands in the dirt and talk to them and tell them your secrets. Ask them to protect your home and ward off negative influence and thank them every time you water them. Watch them grow and move them over to a bigger pot and know that all is well.

2. Burn dried herbs to clear your energy and active your powers. White sage is just one herb and probably not the one that belongs to your culture. Research what herbs to burn that grows in your own backyard. Dried Lavender, Juniper, Mugworth, or as in this picture Cedar are amazing plant allies to work with in your own, or clients, healing and clearing. Don’t look for spirituality by appropriate other cultures, your own has enough to offer if you start looking!

3. Drink tea with medicinal mushrooms. Let your brain and body get the nutrients from Chaga and Reishi and Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane and feel how it shifts something in you. I get my stash from @ediblegoddess and @foursigmatic!

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