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Modern Witch Workbook


In a fast paced modern society, it's too easy to feel disconnected from both yourself and spirit.

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This workbook is filled with witchy rituals and soul work that will help you stay grounded here on Earth, and at the same time fully connected to the spirit world.  

What's included?

In this 21 page printable workbook I will guide your through rituals, soul work and lessons. Step-by-step, moon phase by moon phase. So you can go from feeling disconnected and unsure of your next step - to firmly grounded and strongly energetically connected to spirit.

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New Moon/Dark Moon

  • Lesson about New Moon/Dark Moon

  • Witchy Life Wheel

  • New Intentions Work Page

Full Moon

  • Lesson about Full Moon

  • Full Moon Ceremony

  • Spirit Conversation 

Waxing Moon

  • Lesson about Waxing Moon

  • Intention to Soul Goal

  • Ego Unleashed Exercise

Waning Moon

  • Lesson about Waning Moon

  • Clear & Declutter Ritual

  • Let Go & Look Back 

Hi, I'm Sanne The Witch


I have not always called myself a witch.


I lived a regular muggle life, waiting for the letter from Hogwarts or the calling from the One Ring.

Until I one day figured out that it's not the way things works in this dimension. Here on this Earth, we have Free Will.


Which means we have to INVITE the magic to make it appear. 

I stopped waiting and started to journey, into myself and out in the world. 

And there I found the magic I was looking for.

So can you. 

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