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Image by Edi Bouazza

This is not the first lifetime we have together.

Before we came down to Earth this round we decided to work together. Once again. Because we work well together. It's smooth, powerful and extremely loving.

You recognize me. My soul calls to you. And I know you. 

My job is to be the Keeper of the Keys - I hold energy information you gave me on the other side of the veil. And when we work together those keys are transfered, from me back to you.

This is my high level mentorship I only do with very few select souls. To transfer back the energy, wisdom and information that is already yours.


I can't wait.




Together we will:


How it works

6 month mentorship

We will start our mentorship with a 90 min deep session with purpose coaching and hypnosis - here we will reset your energy, cut draining cords, and understand your Soul Purpose better.

Every first week of the month we will do a rolling Voxer audio intensive where will focus on your soul business. We will revamp your business model, business suite, branding, and close energy and money leaks in your offerings and marketing. You will know exactly what to do in the upcoming weeks to make your business successful on all levels.

Every last week of the month we will do a new 90 minute session coaching/ somatic hypnosis session to remove blocks and upgrade your power. This work will be totally unique on the patterns, and soul blocks we will find during our work together. 

You will also get 3 Psychic Readings where I will channel your Past Lives, Energy Blueprint, and Spirit Guides.



payment plan available: $990 at start and then $500/month for 6 months


Apply or ask questions by sending a dm with the word "Sacred Keys" to @sannethewitch on instagram. 


The thing is...

You will do this, with or without me. But right now you feel the deep desire to have a fairy godmother on your side, fierce support and someone who can help you reach the next level faster. You are tired of doing it all alone.


Imagine being able to relax in my arms, feeling seen in all your glorious human mess and unlimited magical soul. Imagine having your own psychic mentor that will show you what steps to take, who can answer all your questions, and who sees your full potential.


How safe would you feel in your body? How much more could you create?

You are ready to explode into your own power.

Let's do this!

Love, Sanne

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