Manifesting Witch Week

A week of manifesting magic together with your spiritual witchy community

So, to be able to manifest you actually need to know what you want. Sounds obvious, right? But honestly, most people, even the witchy spiritual ones, haven't nailed down their vision.

Maybe you know a thing or two about what you're dreaming of, but that crystal clear vision.. nah.. it's hazy at best. 


And even if you did have a tight vision board once, now it's just collecting dust in the back of you closet and you haven't upgraded it for years. And you know what, you have been growing A LOT these last years, heck, even these last MONTHS. 

To be able to manifest and create your dream life you need to treat that vision as a garden. Water it, remove those pesky and add some fertilizer once in a while.

And that's exactly what Manifesting Witch Week is all about!

This week of magic and fun
will help you:


Create and anchor a crystal clear life vision


Remove any energetic blocks that keeps you from manifesting


Connect with a likeminded witchy and spiritual community


Practical Deets:

Price: $17

Length: 7 days 

Where: Private FB group


Day 1: Kill your darlings

Day 2: These are a few of my favorite things

Day 3: Calling in Community

Day 4: Feelings baby

Day 5: You better work, witch

Day 6: Dream Day

Day 7: Crystal Clear Vision


Payment through Card, Paypal or Swish