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Manifesting Witch

Unlock your manifesting magic!

Is it time to Quantum Leap into your Dream Life?

Are you feeling a bit stuck, that you are ready for that dream life but it just isn't happening... 

Have you been able to manifest certain things but it's going slower now? 

In Manifesting Witch we turn our manifesting powers all the way ON to quantum shift into your new desired reality!

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This week of magic will help you:


Create and anchor a Crystal Clear life vision


Remove any Energetic Blocks that keeps you from manifesting


Start Quantum Shifting into your Dream Life

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Practical Deets:

Price: Regular price $127, now only $47!

Length: 7 days, 10-20 minutes a day (or you can binge it all in one day if your impatient, no judgement!)

Where: Online! When you buy the course you will get an email with a PDF where you'll find the login and password and you will get acces to all videos straight away.


Day 1: Kill your darlings

Day 2: These are a few of my favorite things

Day 3: Calling in Community

Day 4: Feelings baby

Day 5: You better work, witch

Day 6: Dream Day

Day 7: Crystal Clear Vision

Full price: $127

Now Only  $47

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