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Hi there witchy friend! 

If you are a newbie witch or witch-curious that wants to know more about magick: This is where you start! 

I'm Sanne, a nordic witch, think of me like a fairy godmother that will hold your hand while you wake your inner witch. You don't have to figure it out all by yourself, I've got you. 


When my own inner witch started to stir, I didn't know where to start. I just had this feeling that there was something more to life than what meets the eye. There was something magickal going on and I just wanted to figure it all out! So I started to research and practice witchcraft but I had all these questions. I wished for someone to show me some of the basics to get started. Like a fairy godmother showing me the ropes. 

And with "Foundations of Witchcraft", I can be that guide for you!


When you are done with this video class, you will feel more confident to practice magick by yourself and have answers to most of your newbie witch questions.


You will be able to protect your energy, cast your first spell, read the future, and know how to start helping others.

Sounds like something for you? Scroll down to read more!


Why magick with a k?

A group of witches in England started to call it magick to separate it from stage magic tricks, in the early 20th century. It resonated with many and today both magic and magick are used among witches. 

With magick, Sanne

In Foundations of Witchcraft you will learn:


Video One - Protective Self Magick

How to ground your energy, connect upward, clean your energy, and protect yourself while making magick. 

Video Two - Spell Jar & Sigil Magick

How to make your first spell. Introduction and step-by-step guide to make a spell jar and sigil magick.


Video Three - Divination


Introduction to Divination. How to choose, use, and care for a Deck, Runes, and the Pedulumn

Video Four - Helping Others


What to think about when doing magick for other people. How to help others with spells,  smoke cleansings and divination. 


Foundations of Witchcraft
4 Pre-recorded Video Classes

Over 2 hours of content

Price: €49

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