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Your body is a badass

On this planet we have a really cool vessel, a goddamn BODY. In this amazing meat suit our souls reside. What a gift.

Through your body your can access infinite wisdom

It's not only a temple, but a therapist and joyride.

Everything we experience, good and bad, we experience through our body. And some of it gets stuck. Often it's a genius way to protect us from hard things, but it can also push away the good. 

So what we need to do is to learn to tap into our body. Let go of the past. Access our power. Move into our highest self - literally.

Unlock the Body Code
Come Home to You!

Image by Pawel Czerwinski


The Body Code

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Learn the scientifical and spiritual background to Somatic Meditation and how to do it yourself!

Use guided Somatic Meditation sessions to reprogram your immune system, unlock secret powers in your body, and as a tool to access the spiritual world.

These are the 4 guided sessions you will receive

1. Come Home 

During this session you will explore coming home to both your own body and your highest self. 


2. Immune System Boost

Tap into your body's immune system, clear what is blocking it and boost it to be stronger.

3. Activate Your Energy

What does it really mean to "vibrate higher"? Unlock your own inner energy source without any fake spiritual bypassing. 

4. Spinal Portal To Spirit

In this session we will use the spine as an access portal into the beautiful spirit world. Feel more connected to the divine energy field and your spirit protectors.

This is exactly what's included...

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Let's break it down...

  • Video lessons to learn Somatic Meditation

  • 4 guided sessions to unlock body wisdom

  • Private FB-group where you can ask questions & share your experience

Practical Details

Starting Date: You will get access to first video lessons upon purchase. The guided sessions will be dropped out over 4 weeks.

Length of Training: Lessons are pre-recorded and made to watch in your own time, so you will have access to them forever.


Full Price:
New Launch Price:


Hi love, I'm Sanne The Witch.


And I'm so happy you found the Body Code!

Somatic Meditation has been a corner stone in my healing journey for many years now, but I started with regular "sitting still" type of meditation. It helped me a lot.. but it didn't take me all the way. I needed something more.


I worked with Ecstatic Dance and loved the way it made my body feel, but it very often felt performative and more like a workout than a meditation.


I fell deeeeeeeply in love with Somatic Hypnosis and have done much deep healing together with several hypnotherapists. But I wanted a tool I could do on my own, in my home, without a healer.

So that's how my practice of Somatic Meditation came to be! Instead of forcing my body to be still, I could let it join me in the healing work. I found it was MUCH easier for me to reach a deeper meditation state of mind (so called Theta brain waves or trance) with Somatic Meditation than any other tools.

I usually do the Somatic Meditation unguided but I've many times wanted guided sessions to be able to go deeper in certain areas. But I haven't found anyone teaching the same powerful ways as I do so I've honestly created these guided sessions not only for you, but for myself. 

Come Home.


Unlock Your Body's Wisdom. 


And heal with me!

Introducing your teacher..

Love, Sanne

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