I know magic

Let me teach you

I'm Sanne, and I'm a witch.

A spell-casting, energy healing, moon howling, spirit talking, hypnosis/coaching teaching, past life playing timeline traveler.


I know magic, and I can teach you. 

Intrigued? You can work with me in different ways...

Firstly, I teach healing in the Somatic Energy Healer Certification. This online course is perfect for you if you want to work as a healer, or just want to know healing for yourself and your family.


You can also check out my shorter classes - Rich Witch for inner money work, and Foundations of Witchcraft if you want to wake your inner witch. 


If you're craving more magic in your life. You will find it here. 


How can I guide you?

Here you can find the witchy classes I have to offer right now:


Somatic Energy Healer Certification

A magical 8-week Energy Healer Certification that will teach you Reiki, Angelic, and shamanic Star&Earth Healing.

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Foundations of Witchcraft

Let me be your fairy godmother and guide you through the first witchy steps of casting your first spell in this video class.


Rich Witch

Online Class with Energetic Clearings to unf*ck your money issues and start earning with ease and joy.

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